iMA3X is a unique online system for self-awareness and self-development. Outstanding online training by three top professionals. More knowledge. More harmony. Powerful techniques and effective approaches.

Self-development + financial stability = iMA3X 


Why did we use exactly these two phrases? We will answer you with only one sentence - "Because they belong to one another!". You will ask "How?". This is how the modern world is structured, these are the two aspects we need to feel fully accomplished as individuals. The main problem here is that in most cases, their "appearance" is not simultaneous.


The big question is, “Why?” have we allowed ourselves to reduce our lives to a few simple words?

We will answer you unambiguously - "Extremely Easy!" 


Imagine that you have a personal goal or a dream, but you do not have the financial opportunity to achieve it – do not worry, you have come to the right place. iMA3X - the tool to achieve your personal goal!


Now imagine that you have the financial foundation, and we have another interesting idea that may be helpful!

Welcome to the Adventure iMA3X - the world's first online system consisting of 9 training modules that integrate spiritual growth, true self-knowledge, and financial stability.

We are the first ones in something else and it is of significant importance - iMA3X is place for CLOSE PEOPLE!

There is no need to seek the balance between the time you spend on your goals and the time you spend on the closest and most valuable people in your life because you will achieve everything TOGETHER!


What do you need?

  •       Investment from 72.00 BGN (including VAT).
  •       Curiosity to reinvent yourself.
  •       3 "partners" with whom you CANNOT share profits.

What will it cost you?

  •       72.00 BGN (including VAT).
  •       The Difficulty of Choosing - What are the three most important and valuable people in your life? Who will successfully continue iMA3X Mandala? And remember, only three, you will not have a chance for a fourth.

The Result - 

You choose to be happy and financially stable, along with your close ones.

* Provided you take advantage of our iMA3X Mandala referral program.

And let us remind you, iMA3X е първата онлайн система в света, чрез която ще промениш живота си към по-добро.                  Ти си ИЗБРАН да научиш.

And who are you CHOSEN from? 

From someone to whom you are valuable because iMA3X is a place for close ones, a place to take care of them and yourself. A place that will allow you to achieve your goals and dreams TOGETHER!

Sounds too utopian to you? Yes, it is! Let us tell you what stands behind the words SELF-DEVELOPMENT and FINANCIAL STABILITY that form the iMA3X?


Shared knowledge is wealth!

Self-development - apparently a small word, of great importance!

Замислял ли си се някога каква наистина може да бъде и Е силата на себеразвитието? А осъзнаваме ли всъщност, че всичко започва именно от него? Разбираме ли наистина, че за да бъдем щастливи, успешни в професионален план и удовлетворени от живота ни, е необходимо да притежаваме способността да познаваме себе си и желанията ни?

Нека ти дадем един пример. Представи си човек, който работи, защото просто трябва да го прави. За съжаление или не, всеки от нас е необходимо да покрива поне жизненоважните си човешки потребности, за да живее нормално, а за това са необходими средства. А сега си представи как този човек се събужда всеки ден с огромно нежелание, защото това ще е ПОРЕДНИЯТ ден, в който той просто ТРЯБВА да направи нещо. Дали този човек е щастлив? Как мислиш? До кога ще правим нещата, които трябва, а не нещата, които ИСКАМЕ? Ето тук идва ролята на себепознанието. И ето тук отново ти отговаряме на въпроса защо си позволихме да сложим думите СЕБЕРАЗВИТИЕ и ФИНАНСОВА СТАБИЛНОСТ едни до други.

The system of nine iMA3X training modules will guide you along the path of self-development, helping you to rediscover your true goals and desires. At the same time, if you take advantage of our iMA3X Mandala referral program, you will also have the financial stability to achieve them. 

Also, we will not let you "loop" in one place, but on the contrary, we will strive to provide you with new challenges, tailored to the dynamics of the modern world, in order to develop and improve your potential.

 А какво влагаме в думата “предизвикателство”? Нищо сложно – лист хартия, химикалка и 5 минути на ден. 

Who will be your lecturers?

Three of the most prominent top specialists in psychology, business, relationships, and astrology. 

Learn more about them by following the links:


Clinical and Counseling Psychologist


Astrology and Relations


Sales Psychology