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To know is the mind, to desire is the heart, to act is the will.

"Hello, my name is Antoaneta and I have the honor to introduce you to myself!"

Antoaneta Georgieva

About Antoaneta

          For herself, Antoaneta claims to be a happy person who has had the incredible opportunity to be born not once but twice. Her first birth is in a very bright city - Moscow.

          След като завършва гимназия, тя започва да следва “История на България” в Московски Университет Ломоносов. Дипломира се и стартира своята преподавателска дейност, но от тук тръгват огромните промени в живота на родината her motherland begin Russia is coming! And with that, Antoaneta began to change.

          "My changes were inward - I began to study my inner world, to ask myself questions, to be interested in spirituality! I enrolled in a spiritual school, where I attended lectures about Pythagoras and his school, about Elena Blavatsa and her life her, about the East..."

          There, she meets someone who changes her life fundamentally.

          "Next to me was a woman who also attended those lectures with me! She was an Astrologer and kept telling me about planets, about Zodiac Signs, and she aroused my interest! I started reading astrological books, which came along with the "rebuilding" of the book market! That's how I learned about the Moscow Academy of Astrology."

          She applies, they accept her, and so comes the second "birth" of Antoaneta - with an open mind and a gleam in her eyes, she follows the temple of ancient science!

          After graduating, her Space tells her that she must come to Bulgaria, where she lives! She is pleased to know that people here are also interested in Astrology and since 2000 she has started training her first group of students! The Astro Center is currently developing, and its main mission is to share knowledge about Astrology!

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        From Antoaneta you will learn:

  • What would be the right profession for you?

  • How to find out who is the right partner in your life?

  • How to choose the right business partner?

  • How to choose the right time frame for making key decisions?

  • What is your mission in life?

  • How would you possibly change the country you live in?

  • How to find out what health problems you are predisposed to and who is the right specialist to solve them?

  • What would be the right time to create a generation?

  • How do you strike a balance in the relationship between children and parents?

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Astrology and Relations

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