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"It is a privilege and true happiness to work with clients and partners who know what they want and are looking for ways to achieve it."

Georgi Hristulev

About Georgi

          Georgi Hristulev is Sales Coach, an expert in communication skills, marketing and sales, NLP master practitioner and mediator. 

          In 2001 he studied "Cinema and Television Directing". The period 2001 - 2008 also develops and participates in many entrepreneurial projects. Works for large international companies. Since 2008, he has been focusing on the development of several successful companies in marketing, finance, and education.

          Организира и провежда обучения, конференции и семинари в сферата на лидерството, комуникациите, практически обучения по дигитален маркетинг, онлайн предприемачество, търговски компетенции и практически умения. Изготвя стратегии за привличане на нови клиенти и увеличаване на паричния оборот.

          A well-known expert in educational design and often invited to lecture at various conferences. 

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        From Georgi you will learn:

  • Кои са най-ефективните техники за комуникация
  • What attracts the customer's attention and how can you change their beliefs?
  • How to get the most out of the information you receive during communication and how to use it properly?
  • How to effectively build the necessary trust between you and the client?
  • What are the best tricks for presenting and how to talk about your product as if you were talking about yourself?
  • What are the techniques for defying objections and how to use them?
  • How do you close a deal with the result you want, no matter what you offer?
  • How do you build long-term relationships with your clients in order to work together again and again?
  • How do you build long-term relationships and sell to one or more clients at the same time?

He is the author of the book “Another Sales Book”published in both Bulgarian “От Любов Към Продажбите” and Italian language “Vendere con Passione”.

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Sales Psychology

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