With this site ( - hereinafter referred to as "the Site"), iMA3X aims to provide you with a unique online service, a new type of know-how that will help you get to know yourself, the world around you, and achieve harmony and a better life (hereinafter referred to as the Service).

Please note that the Service may only be used by persons over the age of 18, with each Subscriber declaring that he or she is an adult, completing his/her data and creating his/her account.

Собственик на този сайт е  iMA3X – „АЙ МАЗКС“ ЕООД, регистрирано в Търговски регистър към Агенция по вписванията с ЕИК 205915491, със седалище и адрес на управление в Република България, гр. София 1463, бул. „Витоша“  № 68, ет. 1, представлявано от Антон Балканджиев в качеството му на Управител (по-долу за краткост „iMA3X”).

This Policy answers questions related to the processing of personal data of individuals through the Site and provides information about the rights of subscribers to the service and our obligations, as a Site Owner and as a Personal Data Controller.

For more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at


In May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as GDPR), adopted by the European Union, which regulates the protection of personal data, was applied. The GDPR introduced important principles in the processing of personal data of individuals, the principles of which aim to maximize the protection of personal data. Therefore, new requirements have been introduced for persons who are processing personal data in some way (Personal Data Controller/Personal Data Processor/Their Employees, etc.).

By providing our Services at, we are the Personal Data Controller within the meaning of the GDPR and the Bulgarian Personal Data Protection Act, since we collect, process and store the personal data of Subscribers insofar as such personal data is necessary for the provision of the Service itself.

It is of utmost importance for us that the personal data of our subscribers are protected and that is why when collecting, processing and storing the personal data of the users of the site and subscribers of the iMA3X Service complies with all legal requirements of the European and Bulgarian legislation.

As a Personal Data Controller, we provide you with the following information that you can use to ask questions about your data, their processing, and storage:


      3.1. General information for the Data Controller

  • Наименование на юридическото лице  – „АЙ МАЗКС“ ЕООД
  • Unique Identification Code (SIC): 205915491
  • Registered office: 1463 Sofia, Triaditsa District, 68 Vitosha Blvd., floor 1
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Телефон за връзка: +359 888 760 488
  • Представлявано от Антон Балканджиев – управител.

    3.2. The employee responsible for the personal data protection of individuals

  • Име: Антон Балканджиев
  • Correspondence Address: Sofia 1463, Triaditsa District, 68 Vitosha Blvd., fl. 1
  • Email:
  • Телефон за връзка: +359 888 760 488

    3.3 A supervisory authority in the Republic of Bulgaria
    , to which you can contact on issues related to your data, as well as if you believe that their security has been breached:

  • Name: Personal Data Protection Commission
  • Correspondence Address: 1592 Sofia, Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov” № 2
  • Email:
  • Website:

Contact Phone - Contact Center: 02/915 3 518


      4.1. To provide our Service to Subscribers (persons who subscribe to the Service - for more information, please read the Terms of Service) and for compliance with our legal obligations, we will ask you to provide us with the following personal data that we will process:

  • full names of individuals;
  • personal identification number or date of birth for persons who are not Bulgarian citizens or another identification number of the individual;
  • the age of the individual;
  • data for the insurance of the individual;
  • telephone;
  • e-mail;
  • bank account details - IBAN; the holder;
  • identity document (only in certain cases described below).

The above data (names, personal identification number, bank account details) are collected, processed and stored to issue an invoice when providing our Services and to comply with our subsequent tax and accounting obligations.

We also collect and process information about the age of individuals to prevent their use by minors (under 18). Due to the specifics of the Service, we also collect and process information about the insurance status of the individual, namely whether it is self-insured. When changing the type of insurance and moving to employer insurance, this should be brought to our knowledge by the Subscribers.

We collect and process your telephone numbers and e-mails so that we can contact you with questions regarding the Service.

Съгласно Общите условия лицето, ползващо Услугата, предоставяна от iMA3X, при съмнение, че лицето е предоставило грешни идентификационни данни iMA3X има право да поиска от лицето да докаже самоличността си, като това може да се осъществи чрез current Subscriber's identity document на Абоната и/или по друг начин в зависимост от конкретния случай. В тази връзка е възможно да бъдат обработвани и данните от документа за самоличност, единствено и само с цел да се установи дали е налице неправомерно действие от страна на Абоната.

      4.2. We do not collect or process special categories of personal data within the meaning of Art. 9 of the GDPR, namely personal data of individuals revealing racial or ethnic origin, their political views, religious or philosophical beliefs of persons or membership of trade unions, as well as the processing of genetic data, biometric data for the sole purpose of identifying a physical person, health or sexual information or sexual orientation of the individual.

      4.3. We do not make automated decision-making, including profiling in relation to your data that we process.

      4.4. We are not using your data for direct marketing purposes.

If you are a Site User only, without subscribing to our Service, we do not collect and process the personal information described above. For the Site Users, only the data listed in section 4.1 herein above ("Other Data") is processed.


To ensure that you receive the most relevant information and the best services when you visit, information and data may be collected through the use of so-called "cookies". This allows us to improve our service and usability of the web site.

“Cookies” cannot harm your files or increase the risk of viruses on your device.

Please see our “Cookie” Policy for more information.


The processing time of your data includes the time during which we provide you with the Service and in which you are our Subscriber.

Upon completion of all levels of our Service and/or termination for another reason for receiving our Service, we suspend the collection of new information and the processing of your personal information that we have collected at this time.

After that time, we will store Вашите лични данни в законоустановени срокове във връзка със задълженията ни да съхраняваме данъчна и счетоводна информация – имена, ЕГН, банкова информация, осигурителен статус (съгласно Закона за счетоводството). След изтичането на тези законово регламентирани срокове, данните ще бъдат унищожени в срок до 3 месеца.


Your data may also be obtained from other persons - state and municipal authorities and services in connection with the fulfilment of their legal obligations - NRA, NSSI, CPDP, SANS, CPC, all police and judicial authorities and services, as well as other bodies in statutory cases.

Your data will be, or maybe, provided to persons we work with - accountants and legal advisors, trainers, and others to provide and improve our Service, and to fulfil our legitimate interests.

Your personal information may also be available to others outside the European Union - also subscribers of our service – това е само по отношение на имейл адреса, който сте въвели на потребителския Ви профил на страницата, както и посочената от Вас държава. Клиентите могат да виждат имейл адресите на други наши клиенти с цел да могат да общуват помежду си винаги когато пожелаят.


      8.1. Access to your data – При постъпило искане от Ваша страна за достъп до личните Ви данни, ние ще Ви предоставим копие от всички данни, които понастоящем се обработват от нас. Искането Ви за предоставяне на достъп до личните Ви данни като потребител може да бъде отправено в устна или писмена форма – чрез молба, а също и с електронни средства  – по имейл. В молбата уточнете формата, в която желаете да получите копието на личните Ви данни.

      8.2. Personal Data Correction –  You may ask us to correct inaccurate personal information relating to you. You have the right to request incomplete personal data to be filled in.

      8.3. Restriction of the processing of your data – при определени основания, посочени в ОРЗД може чрез устна или писмена молба, а също и чрез електронни средства да поискате ограничаване обработването на личните Ви данни. Преди отмяната на ограничаването на обработването на личните Ви данни, ще бъдете уведомени за това от администратора.

      8.4. You have the right to object to the processing of your data – you may object in writing by submitting your request to us as our Personal Data Controller.

      7.5. You have the so-called. portability of your data – може да изискате от нас да прехвърлим част или всички обработвани от нас лични данни към друг администратор. Това право на преносимост, съгласно чл. 20 от Регламента, включва както правото Ви да получите личните данни, които Ви засягат и които сте предоставил на нас – администратора в структуриран, широко използван и пригоден за машинно четене формат, но също така и правото да поискате прехвърляне тези лични данни на друг администратор.

      8.6. You have the right to file a complaint with the Supervisory Authority - Commission for Personal Data Protection (CPDP) in case of violation of your rights as an Controller. You can find the Personal Data Protection Commission data above.

All requests (verbal, written - sent in hard copy and/or via email) will be processed by us without undue delay and you will be notified of our decision as Controller.

Please always indicate in your request/e-mail your name and the way we will contact you to receive our response in a timely manner to your request/question.


      9.1. We will respond without undue delay to your requests, questions, and recommendations about the protection of your data.

      9.2. We will provide you with the necessary information and assistance about the processing of your data.

      9.3. Your security is of the utmost importance to us and we will provide and maintain an adequate level of protection for the personal data of our subscribers. We will maintain the necessary technical and organizational measures to protect the data of our Subscribers as well as the Users of the Site. In case of a security breach of your data, we undertake to notify Subscribers affected by the breach of personal data if there is a considerable risk of profound consequences for their rights, freedoms, and legitimate interests.

      9.4. As a Personal Data Controller, we will comply with all obligations imposed on us by European and Bulgarian law.


На Сайта са предоставени връзки/бутони към други сайтове. Връзките се предоставят единствено с цел улеснение на потребителите и абонатите – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube и Viber.

Keep in mind that having these links to other sites may result in the collection of your information in both “cookie” type and other information. If you are signed in to one of these pages, the information collected for you may be more detailed.

Ние не носим отговорност и не влияем върху съдържанието или поддържането на страниците Facebook, Instagram, YouTube и  Viber и не отговаряме за вреди, произтичащи от тяхното съдържание и/или поддръжка. Също така не носим отговорност и не влияем върху информацията, която тези страници обработват за Вас, тъй като ние сме Администратор и обработваме само информация, която Вие доброволно сте ни предоставили при посещението на нашия сайт и във връзка с нашата Услуга.

These Policies may be changed and supplemented, with all changes and supplements effective upon their publication on the website, without the need for changes to the Policy being sent to each subscriber individually. Therefore, please be aware of the changes to this Security Policy.


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