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We are our parents.
When we say "Yes" to them, we say "Yes" to ourselves.

"Your heart can only be broken if it is closed.
Can you break a wide-open door? "

Rumen Yankulov

About Rumen

          Румен Янкулов завършва клинична и консултативна психология към Софийския университет и повече от 20 години практикува индивидуална и групова психотерапия и консултиране. Основният му интерес са нетрадиционните методи за личностно израстване, там, където терапията се слива с медитацията. През 2004 година се докосва до метода „Семейни Констелации” и тази среща става вдъхновение за живота и терапевтичната му работа оттогава.

          Rumen Yankulov leads constellation groups in Bulgaria, Sweden, Slovenia, Turkey, Egypt, and the USA. Since 2012 he has been systematically organizing and conducting training for Family Constellation facilitators in Bulgaria and Turkey. In his work, he includes active Osho-meditations, Gestalt techniques, breathing and bio-energy exercises, Satori-process of intense self-awareness and others.

          We are all deeply connected to our family - our parents, our other children, and our ancestors. Family constellations are a powerful way of working. They help to restore the natural balance in the family system, and then the love between the family members can flow again freely.

          What is suppressed in the family does not disappear, but rather "floats" through the system, waiting for the opportunity to manifest itself.

          The newest members of the family, the children, feel this unexpressed energy, absorb it and materialize it, expressing it in their own lives. In this way, they "intertwine" with their ancestors as they take on their behavior, feelings, and destiny as their own.

          "All of this often seems incomprehensible, paradoxical, frightening, evoking strong and contradictory emotions, provoking established patterns and beliefs about 'how things are.' Seeing these laws with the eyes of the heart opens the door to forgotten dimensions of power, dignity, joy, and peace. ”

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          From Rumen you will learn:

  • How do the laws of belonging, order, and balance in the family system work, how do they manage their dynamics?
  • What are the steps to restore Primary Order
    in the system?
  • What does it mean to be in the right place in your family system and what it gives you?
  • How do we "become entangled" with the destinies of the people who lived before us, and how do you navigate the freedom of living your own life?
  • How does your parental attitude affect your intimate relationships, success, business and overall realization in life? What is the impact of having a missing or excluded parent?
  • How do relationships between partners and parents and children work?
  • What is the difference between a broken and interrupted link?
  • What are the dynamics behind triangular love relationships?
  • How are illnesses viewed as a manifestation of love?
  • How to gain more awareness in specific life situations and how to "see" what cannot, at first sight, be seen with the eye?

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